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Personal Interests

Loieta's personal interests where those of her children, to whom she was completely devoted. Many evenings were spent tutoring Alison and Stephen in the subjects they needed to learn for Academic Games Competitions and in helping them with their homework. The days were filled with playing with and taking care of Jamie.

Her interests were always related to the kids. She was active in the PTA and reading to students for the R.I.F. Program at school. Alison was able to win her school's spelling bee and go on to the county competition because Loieta spent many hours reviewing the word list with her. She was always there at youth baseball, softball, and basketball games. She cheered all the players on, even those from the opposing teams, and many players and parents have told me that they miss her enthusiasm in urging the children, even those with little ability, to do their best.

Loieta had made a promise to God to take the children to Church every Sunday. We would go to Florida each year for our vacation and arrive on Saturday afternoon. After a 15 hour drive, we all felt like sleeping-in on Sunday morning, but Loieta always made sure we went to Church. She was always full of questions in Sunday School, most of which stumped the teacher. I hope all the answers to her questions have now been revealed.

She spent very little money on clothing for herself, so that the funds would be available for the children's wants and needs. She never asked for much on birthdays and Christmas because she got more joy from giving to the children, and she paid close attention so that each child would get an equal amount. Loieta still found the time to express her love for me and her brothers, sister, and parents.

In short, Loieta's interests were those of her family and all her energy went into expressing her love for them in her daily activities.

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